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Indian Taker - Tule Fog

The quality isn’t great but that what makes it nostalgic.  

There are only 4 copies of the ‘Tule Fog’ EP left. Such an awesome band and we were lucky enough to work with them on this release. 

A Digital download does come with each copy. So pick one up now before they are all sold out

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Indian Take ‘Tule Fog’ Now in store

So the long wait is over. DSTM is proud to bring you the release of Indain Taker’s ‘Tule Fog’ EP on tape. The band from Modesto, California produce an honest punk / hardcore vibe similar to that of bands like Balance And Composure, Daylight and Basement. 

The Tapes have all 5 original tracks from the ‘Tule Fog’ EP with an exclusive acoustic b-side track. These pink tapes are limited to 25 and are all hand drawn and numbered. Each copy comes with a digital download code which includes the acoustic b-side 

You can listen to the ep here:

Go pick up your copy of this EP quick before they all run out at the DSTM store:

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Indian Take ‘Tule Fog’ Cassette Release DSTM004 

We are extremely proud to bring to you our first release from some guys across the pond. The emo / punk four piece from Modesto, California captured DSTM’s attention with their passionate 5 track EP. With no physical copies of ‘Tule Fog’ we saw this as the perfect opportunity to make both parties happy and create a run of Cassette Tapes, with maybe future releases in the pipe line as well. 

The cassette will feature all 5 tracks that are on ‘Tule Fog’ as well as an exclusive acoustic track that has never been heard before.

This tape will be for fans of: Grown Ups, Tigers Jaw, Basement, Snowing and My Heart To Joy

A release date is yet to be confirmed but we are looking at late April, in the mean time head over to the bands facebook and check them out: 

and you can listen to Tule Fog on their band camp:


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